A first idea

The idea of modernizing the apron germinates

January 2017

First campaign on Ulule

The project takes root with the crowdfunding of the campaign "In the closet the apron of granny" 721 contributors believed in us!

April 2017

October 2017

Seconde campaign on Ulule

The project is developing with the Ulule campaign from the Handy wallet. 1381 contributors provided support.

Launch of personalization

We want our products to look like you! We then launch the personalization of the Escapade bag and aprons for professionals.

December 2017

January 2018

The collection is growing

The team presents its new products, for the first time at the M&O trade fair in Paris.

Launch of "Ma Belle Equipe"

To meet the demand of pro', Alaskan is developing a second brand: Ma Belle Equipe. A complete locker room for the pros.

Early 2018

August 2018

it's moving!

The team moved to its new headquarters in Lys-Lez-Lannoy.

Move to better develop

New products for backpackers are created! And our products are sold in more than 100 stores around the world

September 2018

October 2018

Cheers !

The Alaskan team, a budding brewer, decides to make their own beer in the Anosteké brewery, voted best beer in the world.

Ulule : Third act

New Ulule campaign for the Backpack & Satchel collection. 454 backers are ready for the adventure.

May 2019

November 2019

More products !

New products for orderly makers.

Thérèse and Julien have also joined the Makers Family!

1% for the planet

Alaskan MAKER becomes member of the 1% for the planet association.

January 2020

February 2020

Sweets sweats

Launch of a range of pre-order sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The gourd that does not make mistakes on ecology

Launch of a pre-order for the isothermal stainless steel bottle, the eco-responsible alternative to plastic bottles.

March 2020

September 2020

Never run out of ideas

Always with new ideas, the team develops new products to equip backpackers & makers.

Mathis in turn joins our team.

And 10 000th!

3 and a half years after the first Ulule campaign, we are celebrating the 10,000th order on the website.

December 2020

Avril 2017

Online !

Our site is online ! "CHAMPAGNE"!

Janvier 2017

A garage as a warehouse

It all starts in an office and garage at home.

A real desk

We move to a real office

Early 2018
July 2021

An A-rank Desk !

It is the beginning of a new adventure in a brand new warehouse in Toufflers (59), and also in the company of Amelle who joined us at the same time.

The team is growing

Bigger warehouses, bigger objectives, and therefore a need to expand the team! This is how Audrey and Guillaume in turn became members of the team.

October 2021

February 2022

Nouvelle association

1% of our CA is dedicated to Wings of The Ocean, to save our oceans./p>

Nous visons la Lune
10000 commandes

A new collaborator

Caroline join us to create new products !

March 2022

April 2022

Nouveaux locaux

We're getting older

5 ans since the beginning of our adventure, with more than 20 000 orders have been passed !

The Moon !

All this is only the beginning of our great adventure: We are aiming for the Moon!

What now ?