Every minute, a garbage truck's worth of plastic waste is being dumped into the oceans.

It started with a statement: We are facing a global crisis: :

  • Thousands of tons of plastic are dumped into the oceans
  • Each year 300 million tons of plastic* are produced in the world
  • 8 to 12 million tons end up in the oceans.
  • In 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans

So two friends decided to act

The Wings of the Ocean association was created in 2018 by two friends, Julien Wosnitza and Sebastien Fau, two former members of the Sea Shepherd association. It all started with the association's ship mascot: The Kraken. They acquired this vessel to make clean-up actions while reducing their footprint impact.

What’s the goal of Wings of the Ocean?


Ocean cleanup is achieved by various ways

  • - Manual pick-up on beaches by volunteers
  • - Underwater collection by diving
  • - Fishing with magnets
  • - etc...


Before acting, it is important to understand the meaning and impact of our actions

  • - Raising awareness among the population and companies about the impact of humans on the oceans through various means: conferences in schools, on social networks, on TV shows
  • - Holding workshops on zero waste, responsible consumption and Do-It-Yourself (#maker)

Alaskan Maker will donate 1% of its turnover to Wings of the Ocean, as part of its commitment to 1% for the Planet. Adventurers love nature, they blossom thanks to it! What would they do without these beautiful landscapes to discover? Of course, we are inspired by Alaska and its spectacular mountains, but we are above all born adventurers and we want to protect all types of landscapes. It is therefore logical for us to get involved with an association that wishes to preserve this wild nature threatened by the action and inaction of mankind.

Why is Alaskan Maker working with Wings of the Ocean?

Alaskan Maker X Wings of Ocean

Thanks to this contribution Alaskan Maker will make it possible:

  • 6 dépollutions in le Arcachon Bay
  • 1 ton of collected trash
  • 20 000m² cleaned land.
  • 60% of the collected trash are upcycled

From May 2022 to October 2022, the association will carry out dozens of clean-ups and raise awareness of the impact of man on the oceans.

The Arcachon Bay is a happy cohabitation between humans and a precious natural ecosystem that must be preserved.

  • 435km² of marine spaces
  • 13 species of marine mammals
  • 50,000 birds that hibernate or breed in this protected area
  • 4110 ha of seagrass beds sheltering a rich diversity of fauna and flora
  • 119,415 inhabitants living along the coast
  • 300 oyster farms
  • 80 professional fishing boats inside the basin

They act everywhere in the world

The Kraken

30 people sail on this former fishing boat to carry out clean-ups but also to raise awareness among the locals. In 2021, the sailing boat made stops in different islands of the Atlantic Ocean: from Madeira to the deserted islands and Selvagens, and from the Canaries to the Azores.

The Pond of Berre

For 7 months, 89 people volunteered to conduct 140 clean-ups and awareness campaigns over the year 2021. They were able to collect a total of 15 781 kg of waste. All this for 1 objective: being mobilized in a precise zone in order to study the problems due to the illegal waste.

The Arcachon Bay

The project in the Arcachon Bay is based on the model of the one in thePond of Berre. During 6 months, from May to October 2022, a clean-up operation will be conducted around the pond. This action will allow an expertise of the ground, recurrent clean-ups around the pond, gathering of scientific data and collaboration with local actors.

South of France mission

After 3 years of clean-ups on the Mediterranean coast, it is now 1 clean-up every two days that takes place around the Mediterranean thanks to the action of the association in collaboration with companies and local municipalities as well as hundreds of volunteers.

The Scylla

An expedition on a new sailing boat: the Scylla. It will have on board 16 volunteers for clean-up actions on the islands and coasts of the Atlantic.

The pond of Thau

The pond of Thau is very polluted in particular by plastic found on beaches and banks. A massive clean-up action will be organized during 7 months.

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