Céline —
CEO - Marketing & Product Designer

Gyro Gearloose

One idea at a time. She is the real CEO but people always think that Baptiste is the real one (sexism, what a shame… please sign her petition on

Amelle —
Customer relationship - Administrative Management

The stable anchor of the company

She is an iron fist in a velvet glove. A witch who gives smiles back to stressed customers, while doing accounting.

Baptiste —
CEO – Business & Logistics

Mc Gyver

A real Swiss Army knife: he can be a model, a salesman and a purchasing manager on the same day. Baptiste is a great boss who deals with the factories manufacturing our products with verve and calmness, as long as the deliveries are not delayed.

Julien —
Head of Warehouse

The M'bappé of package picking

He works fast. He does things right. And with a smile. What more could you ask of the man who prepares your packages with the highest level of care, personalises your products and brings us croissants?

Mimpi —

Best mascot ever

Do I need to explain why Mimpi is the cutest, wisest and most adorable mascot you've ever seen? Dive into her little eyes and her lovely smile, you'll understand. PS: Don't leave your lunch lying around, she will eat it up...

Mathis —

We are persuaded that he is persuasive.

He has a professional gift of the gab, with no waffle and is ready to prove by A + B that our products rock.

Thérèse —
Communication & Photo

And SEO. And everything.

No detail is too small for Thérèse to miss, and it's her sharp eye and communication skills that make our displays so beautiful.

Audrey —


She speaks English, she spricht German, 彼女は日本語を話します(She speaks Japanese), and has a forward-looking vision of social media and e-business. Yes, none less.

Guillaume —
Web integrator

Meticulous, but relevant

The outside the box thinker of the company. When he's not creating mock-ups and web pages, Guillaume is very creative and has ideas that flow all day long. And rumour has it that he's funny. Very, very funny.

Caroline —
Design produit

Class, Attentive, Reactive and Original: C.A.R.O

Sensational new member of the Makers' Family, Caro has the power to design things from scratch and turn them into masterpieces. And on top of that, she helps with the design the website. With Caro, everything is gorgeous.

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