Guaranteed as sturdy as an oak

Our products are designed to be used for as long as possible.

2 years

This is the time that we guarantee you against manufacturing defects by repairing it to new condition or, if necessary, replacing it with a new product.

Garantie robuste comme un chêne

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  • If you have any queries about your purchase, please e-mail us directly via the contact form, selecting the subject "quality". We'll do our best to deal with your request as quickly as possible ;)

Manufacturing defects are:

  • Unstitching seams
  • Zippers that no longer work or get torn
  • Rivets that pop
  • Press studs that do not work or no longer
  • Broken zipper
Réparation de vos produits dans notre entrepôt par nos soins

And after ?

We are committed to repairing any defects you may notice under normal use.
If the item is found to be irreparable, we may, at our discretion, find an alternative solution for you.

In case of problems, contact us with proof of purchase and photos of the problem (s)

Our warranty and repair service do not cover:

  • Stains
  • Damaged Tissue / Hole
  • Burns
  • Non-compliance with maintenance recommendations
    (Machine wash waxed apron, leather ties, forgetting to rinse salt from brass plating accessories, etc.)

Our repair service is offered. We just ask you to pay for the shipment of your package to our warehouse. Then all costs will be covered by Alaskan MAKER.