Idée cadeau cooker
How can I maintain my article?
We recommend you to prolong the life time of your item by maintaining it. Learn more about the maintenance of your item with our page Products maintaining.
How can I know my size?
If you want to know the best size for you, you can compare your measurements with our size board. You can consult it in any page product by clicking on the link “Size Guide” just above the price.
Can I receive a notification when a product is back in stock?
If a product is out of stock, and you are connected to your account, you can click on “Prévenez-moi lorsqu’il sera disponible”. You will receive a notification when it is back in stock
How can I give my opinion on my Alaskan MAKER item?
We’ll love to know what you think about our product! Many days after the delivery of your product, you will receive an email from Trustedshop that assure the collection of verified opinions. That’s the best way to give your opinion about the experience you had with us. Thank you in advance for your kind opinion.
The Guaranteed as sturdy as an oak
Our products are designed to use them as much as possible. We agree to repair the defaults that you can notice in normal conditions of use. Find more about our Guaranteed as sturdy as an oak.